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Classici della letteratura narrativa inglese, americana, angloamericana, irlandese: prosa, poesia, romanzi, novelle, racconti, teatro, drammaturgia, fiction, fantascienza, gialli, detective story, spy story, favole, fiabe, saggistica, filosofia, storia, antropologia, sociologia, giornalismo, politica, scienza, mitologia, religione, occultismo. Testi elettronici, e-books, e-texts, libri in formato digitale.

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ebook letteratura inglese Addison  Joseph Addison | Days With Sir Roger De Coverley | Essays And Tales (Saggi e racconti) (.txt / .zip)

scaricare ebook audio libri letteratura americana  Louisa May Alcott Works - Opere | Eight Cousins | Flower Fables | A Garland for Girls | Little Women (Piccole Donne) | Little Men (Piccoli Uomini) A Modern Cinderella (Cenerentola) (.txt / .zip) Good Wives (Piccoli donne crescono) (formato html)

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ebooks libri digitali in inglese  Sherwood Anderson | Marching Men | Poor White (Povero bianco) | Windy McPherson's Son | Triumph Of The Egg, And Other Stories (Racconti - Short Stories) | Winesburg, Ohio; A group of tales of Ohio small town life (.txt / .zip)

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ebooks di Jane Austen leggi e scarica download gratis  Jane Austen | Emma | Mansfield Park | Pride And Prejudice (Orgoglio e pregiudizio) | Sense and Sensibility (Ragione e sentimento) | Northanger Abbey (L'abbazia di Northanger) | Persuasion (Persuasione) | Lady Susan | Love And Friendship (Amore e amicizia) <- (.txt / .zip / .tex /.pdf) | (html)-> The History of England, From the Reign of Henry the 4th to the Death of Charles the 1st, By a Partial, Prejudiced, and Ignorant Historian (La storia d'Inghilterra dal regno di Enrico IV alla morte di Enrico I) | Complete online works. (with commentary) (Opere complete in rete - con commento) | Letters of Jane Austen (Lettere)

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ebooks di Francis Bacon e-text testi elettronici  Francis Bacon (Francesco Bacone) | The Advancement of Learning (Il progresso della conoscenza) (.txt / .zip / .htm) | Essays Of Francis Bacon (Saggi) | New Atlantis (La nuova Atlantide) | Valerius Terminus: On the Interpretation of Nature (annotated version) (.txt / .zip) | The New Organon, or True Directions Concerning the Interpretation of Nature (Novum Organon) | Essays, Civil and Moral (html)

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ebook di Peter Pan da scaricare gratis leggi on line  J. M. (James Matthew) Barrie | Peter Pan | Peter Pan In Kensington Gardens (Peter Pan nei giardini di Kensington) | The Admirable Crichton (L'incomparabile Crichton) | What Every Woman Knows (Ciò che ogni donna sa) | Dear Brutus (Caro Bruto) (.txt / .zip)

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ebooks letteraura americana pop art  Donald Barthelme (short sories da leggere on line) Racconti: City of Churches - The King of Jazz - Rebecca - Glass Mountain - The Zombies - The Sandman - The Policemen's Ball - The Captured Woman - Me and Miss Mandible - The Piano Player - On Angels - The Game - The School - The School [in polacco] - The Dolt- Daumier - The Rise of Capitalism - Shower of Gold - Cortes and Montezuma - The Death of Edward Lear - Departures - I wrote a letter... - Some of Us Had Been Threatening Our Friend Colby - Me and Miss Mandible - The Great Hug - The first thing the baby did wrong... | Brani/estratti da: Snow White - The Dead Father (Il padre morto) The Balloon - Porcupines at the University (rtf)

il Mago di Oz e-book  L. Frank Baum (Lyman Frank) | The Wonderful Wizard of Oz (Il mago di Oz) (.txt / .zip / .html / .lit / .prc) | Tommy and Grizel | American Fairy Tales (Favole Americane) (.txt / .zip) | Dorothy and the Wizard in Oz | Life And Adventures Of Santa Claus

download audio libri audiobook L. Frank Baum AUDIOBOOKS L. Frank Baum

libro digitale da scaricare gratis e leggere online  George Berkeley | An Essay Towards a New Theory of Vision (Saggio verso una nuova teoria della visione) | Three Dialogues Between Hylas And Philonous (Dialoghi tra Hylas e Philonous) | A Treatise Concerning The Principles Of Human Knowledge (Trattato sui principi della conoscenza umana) (.txt / .zip) | The Querist (.txt) | A Defence of Free-Thinking in Mathematics (Difesa del libero pensiero in matematica) (.pdf / .ps / .dvi / .html / .tex)

scarica gratis e leggi online libri in inglese  William Blake | The Complete Poetry and Prose of William Blake (Poesie e Prose: Opera Completa di William Blake: All Religions are One - There is No Natural Religion [a] - There is No Natural Religion [b] - The Book of Thel - Songs of Innocence and of Experience - For Children: The Gates of Paradise - The Marriage of Heaven and Hell - Visions of the Daughters of Albion - America a Prophecy - Europe a Prophecy - The Song of Los The [First] Book of Urizen The Book of Ahania The Book of Los - Milton: a Poem in 2 Books - Jerusalem: The Emanation of The Giant - Albion - For the Sexes: The Gates of Paradise - On Homers Poetry - On Virgil - The Ghost of Abel - [Laocoön] - Tiriel - The French Revolution - The Four Zoas) (html) | The William Blake Archive | Songs of Innocence and Experience (Canti dell'innocenza e dell'esperienza) (.txt / .zip) | The First Book of Urizen (Il Primo Libro di Urizen)

download audio libri audiobook William Blake AUDIO-BOOKS William Blake

free download libri e-books in inglese  James Boswell | Life Of Johnson (Vita di Samuel Johnson) | The Journal of a Tour to the Hebrides with Samuel Johnson, LL.D. (Diario di un viaggio alle Ebridi con Samuel Johnson) (.txt / .zip)

letture on line libri scarica  Anne Brontë (Bronte) | Agnes Grey (.txt / .zip / .html) | Poems (Poesie)| The Tenant of Wildfell Hall (L'inquilina di Wildfell Hall / L'affittuaria di Wildfell Hall) (.txt / .zip)

download audio-libri audiobook Anne Bronte AUDIO-BOOKS Anne Brontë

ebook online Brontë  Charlotte Brontë (Bronte) | Poems (Poesie) | The Professor (Il professore) (.txt / .zip) | Biographical Notes On The Pseudonymous Bells | Jane Eyre (.txt / .zip / .html) | Villette (.html)

download audiolibri audiobook Charlotte Bronte AUDIO-BOOKS Charlotte Brontë

ebook Cime tempestose di Emily Bronte  Emily Brontë (Bronte) | Wuthering Heights (Cime Tempestose) (.html)

download audio libri audiobook Emily Bronte AUDIO-BOOKS Emily Brontë
Wuthering Heights / The Visionary / Remembrance / Love and Friendship / Come Hither, Child / Fall, leaves, fall / High waving heather 'neath stormy blasts bending / Last Lines / No Coward Soul is Mine

poesie opere di Robert Browning scarica gratis  Robert Browning | A Blot in the 'Scutcheon | An Introduction to the Study of Robert Browning's Poetry (Introduzione allo studio della poetica/poesia di Robert Browning) | Christmas Eve (La vigilia di Natale) | Dramatic Romances (Incident of the French Camp, The Patriot, My Last Duchess, Count Gismond,The Boy and the Angel, Instans Tyrannus, Mesmerism, The Glove, Time's Revenges, The Italian in England, The Englishman in Italy, In a Gondola, Waring, The Twins, A Light Woman, The Last Ride Together, The Pied Piper of Hamelin: A Child's Story, The Flight of the Duchess, A Grammarian's Funeral, The Heretic's Tragedy, Holy-Cross Day, Protus, The Statue and the Bust, Porphyria's Lover, "Childe Roland to the Dark Tower Came") (.txt / .zip) | Dramatic Lyrics (.txt) | The Ring and the Book (L'anello ed il libro) (html)

download audiolibri audio book Robert Browning AUDIO-BOOKS Robert Browning A Cavalier Tune
A Grammarian's Funeral / A Toccata of Galuppis / A Woman's Last Word / Andrea Del Sarto / Any Wife to Any Husband / Apparitions / Caliban Upon Setebos / Cavalier Tunes / Childe Roland to the Dark Tower Came / De Gustibus / Dubiety / Four Dramatic Monologues / Home Thoughts From Abroad / The Letters of Robert Browning and Elizabeth Barrett Browning / Love Among the Ruins

libri digitali free download etext  John Bunyan | Works of John Bunyan - Complete (John Bunyan - Opera Completa) (.txt / .zip) | The Holy War <- (La guerra santa) (html) | A Book for Boys and Girls | Christian Behaviour | A Discourse Upon the Pharisee and the Publican | Grace Abounding To The Chief Of Sinners (La Grazia che abbonda per il peggiore dei peccatori) (.txt / .zip / .html) | The Life and Death of Mr. Badman (.txt / .zip) | The Pilgrim's Progress (Il Pellegrinaggio del Cristiano) (.html)

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libri elettronici da scaricare leggi on-line  Thornton W. (Thornton Waldo) Burgess | The Adventures Of Jerry Muskrat | The Adventures of Paddy the Beaver | The Adventures of Reddy Fox | The Burgess Animal Book for Children (.txt / .zip) | Old Mother West Wind (Grosset and Dunlap, 1910) (illustrated - illustrato)

download audio-libri audiobook Thornton W. Burgess AUDIOBOOKS Thornton W. Burgess

ebook poesie scarica  Robert Burns | (The) Poems and Songs of Robert Burns | The Letters of R. B. (.txt / .zip)

download audio-libri audiobook TRobert Burns AUDIO-BOOKS Robert Burns
A Fond Kiss / A Man’s A Man For A’ That / A red, red rose / Address to a Haggis / Ae Fond Kiss, And Then We Sever / Auld Lang Syne / Bannockburn: Robert Bruce's Address to His Army / Comin Thro' the Rye / John Barleycorn / Man Was Made To Mourn: A Dirge / My Heart's in the Highlands / Ode to Spring / Sic a Wife as Willie Had / Song - Farewell to the Highlands / Tam O'Shanter / The Cotter's Saturday Night / The First Six Verses of the Ninetieth Psalm versified / There was a lad was born in Kyle / To a Louse / To a Mouse

ebook Tarzan  Edgar Rice Burroughs | At The Earth's Core (.html) | Beasts Of Tarzan | Jungle Tales Of Tarzan | The Monster Men | Out Of Time's Abyss | Tarzan Of The Apes (Tarzan delle scimmie) (.txt / .zip) | Gods Of Mars (.txt / .zip / .lit / .prc / epub / kindle .html) The Land That Time Forgot

download audio-libri audiobook Edgar Rice Burroughs AUDIO-BOOKS Edgar Rice Burroughs
At the Earth's Core / The Beasts of Tarzan / The Efficiency Expert / The Gods of Mars / Jungle Tales of Tarzan / The Land that Time Forgot / The Lost Continent / The Mad King / The Oakdale Affair / Out of Time's Abyss / The Outlaw of Torn / Pellucidar / The People that Time Forgot / A Princess of Mars / The Return of Tarzan Son of Tarzan / Tarzan and the Jewels of Opar / Tarzan of the Apes / Tarzan of the Apes / Tarzan the Terrible / Tarzan the Untamed / Thuvia, Maid of Mars / The Warlord of Mars

scarica gratis ebook inglesi  Samuel Butler (1835-1902) | Erewhon | Erewhon Revisited | God The Known And God The Unknown | The Way of All Flesh (Così muore la carne) (.txt / .zip) | Unconscious Memory (La memoria inconscia) | Luck Or Cunning? (Fortuna o astuzia?)

download audio-libri audiobook Samuel Butler AUDIOBOOKS Samuel Butler
Darwin Among the Machines / Erewhon / How to Make the Best of Life / I Fall Asleep in the Full and Certain Hope / Quis Desiderio / On English Composition and Other Matters / The Humour of Homer / The Way of All Flesh

scarica gratsi ebooks di Byron  George Gordon Byron (Lord, Baron) | Childe Harold's Pilgrimage (Pellegrinaggio del giovane Harold / Aroldo) (.txt / .zip / .htm) | Byron's Poetical Works, Vol. 1 | Manfredo Drama en tres actos | Don Juan (Don Giovanni) | Hebrew Melodies (Melodie Ebree / Melodie Ebraiche) (.html)

download audiolibri audiobook George Lord Byron AUDIOBOOKS George Gordon Lord Byron
All for Love / Cain: A Mystery / Childe Harold's Pilgrimage / Don Juan / The Giaour / The Island / Lachin Y Gair / For Music / Lines Inscribed upon a Cup Formed from a Skull / Lara, A Tale / Manfred / Ode to Napoleon Buonaparte / On the Castle of Chillon / Prometheus / On This Day I Complete my Thirty-Sixth Year / She Walks in Beauty / The Siege of Corinth / So We'll Go No More A-Roving / Solitude / Speech on the Framework Bill, 1812 / Stanzas Written on the Road Between Florence and Pisa / The Burial / The Destruction of Sennacherib / The First Kiss of Love / There Be None of Beauty’s Daughters / To a Beautiful Quaker / To an Oak at Newstead / To Augusta / When We Two Parted

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scaricare e leggere online libri digitali  Thomas Carlyle | The French Revolution (La Rivoluzione francese) | Early Kings Of Norway | On Heroes And Hero Worship And The Heroic In History (Su eroi, mito degli eroi e l'eroico nella storia) | Life Of John Sterling | Sartor Resartus: the life and opinions of Herr Teufelsdrocke (.txt / .zip) | History of Friedrich II of Prussia, Called Frederick the Great (La storia di Federico il grande) (.html)

download audiolibri audiobook Thomas Carlyle AUDIOBOOKS Thomas Carlyle

ebook Alice nel Paese delle Meraviglie  Lewis Carroll (Charles Lutwidge Dodgson) | Alice's Adventures In Wonderland (Alice nel Paese delle Meraviglie) - Illustrations by John Tenniel - illustrato da John Tenniel (.html / .zip / .txt / .pdf / .ps / .pdb / .text) | Through the Looking Glass (Oltre lo specchio / Attraverso lo specchio) (.txt / .zip / .lit / .prc / .html) || The Game of Logic | Alice's Adventures Under Ground - illustrated by the Author - illustrazioni dell'Autore | Complete online works and commentary (Opere complete on-line) - The Hunting of the Snark (La caccia allo Snark) - Phantasmagoria and many other poems - Poesie - Letters (Lettere) - The Nursery Alice (Alice dei bambini ) (.html)

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A Mad Tea Party / A Sea Dirge / A Valentine / Alice Pleasance Liddell / Alice's Abenteuer im Wunderland / Alice's Adventures in Wonderland / La Aventuroj de Alicio en Mirlando (Esperanto) / Le Avventure di Alice nel Paese delle Meraviglie (italiano - in progress) / Beautiful Soup / Brother and Sister / Christmas Greetings / Eight or Nine Words about Letter Writing / Father William / Feeding the Mind / Fit the Sixth from The Hunting of the Snark / The Hunting of the Snark / Jabberwocky / Lobster Quadrille / Melancholetta / Phantasmagoria / Sylvie and Bruno / A Tangled Tale / The Mad Gardener's Song / The Mock Turtle's Song / The Pig-Tale/ The Walrus and the Carpenter / The White Rabbit's Verses / Through the Looking-Glass

ebooks opere di Geoffrey Chaucer racconti di Canterbury gratis  Geoffrey Chaucer | Canterbury Tales (I racconti di Canterbury) Middle English-Modern English - Opzione CarrickCaps Font (da scaricare) | Complete On-Line Works, with Commentary (Opera completa) - Troilus and Criseyde - Book of the Duchess - Major Poems - Prose Treatises - Short Poems | Audio excerpts from the Canterbury Tales - Estratti Audio dai Racconti di Canterbury (.html)

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A Perfect Knight / Balade de Bon Conseyl / The Canterbury Tales / Prologue to the Canterbury Tales / Cantus Troili, from Troilus and Criseyde, Book I (Middle English) / The Complaint of Chaucer to His Empty Purse / To Rosemounde / Troilus and Criseyde

scarica ebook gratis di Chesterton Padre Brown  G. K. (Gilbert Keith) Chesterton | The Innocence of Father Brown (L'innocenza di Padre Brown) | The Man Who Was Thursday (.html) | The Man Who Knew Too Much | The Ball and the Cross | The Wisdom of Father Brown (La saggezza di Padre Brown) | A Miscellany of Men (.txt / .zip) | The Secret of Father Brown (Il segreto di Padre Brown) (.txt) NO US ACCESS

opere di Winston Churchill formato elettronico download  Winston Churchill | The Celebrity - Coniston - The Crisis - Dr. Jonathan: A Play in Three Acts -The Dwelling-Place of Light - A Far Country - The Inside of the Cup - A Modern Chronicle - Mr. Crewe's Career - Richard Carvel - The River War

ebooks da scaricare gratis poesie di Coleridge  Samuel Taylor Coleridge | Biographia Literaria (.txt / .zip) | Christabel | Kubla Khan | Lyrical Ballads (first edition - also by William Wordsworth ) (Ballate liriche - Prima edizione) | Selected works and criticism with (Opere scelte e critica) | The Rime of the Ancient Mariner Illustrated - (La ballata del vecchio marinaio - Con illustrazioni) (.html)

ebooks in inglese da scaricare gratis  William Congreve | The Way of the World (La via del mondo / Così va il mondo) | The Double-Dealer | Incognita: or, Love and Duty Reconcil'd | Love for Love | The Old Bachelor (.txt / .zip)

 Joseph Conrad (Teodor Jözef/Józef/Jozef Konrad Korzeniovski/Korzeniowski) | » TITOLI (romanzi, racconti) DI JOSEPH CONRAD 'Twixt Land and Sea (Tra terra e mare) | Almayer's Folly (La follia di Almayer) | Amy Foster | The Arrow of Gold (La freccia d'oro) | Chance (Caso) | The End of the Tether | Falk | Heart of Darkness (Cuore di tenebra) | Lord Jim | The Mirror of the Sea | Nostromo | Notes on Life and Letters | An Outcast of the Islands (Un reietto delle isole) | A Personal Record | The Rescue: A Romance of the Shallows | The Secret Agent (L'agente segreto) | The Secret Sharer (Il compagno segreto) | A Set of Six | The Shadow Line: A Confession (Linea d'ombra) | Some Reminiscences | Tales of Unrest (Racconti dell'inquietudine) | To-morrow | Typhoon (Tifone) | Under Western Eyes (Sotto gli occhi dell'Occidente - Con gli occhi dell'Occidente) | Victory: An Island Tale (Vittoria) | Within the Tides | Youth: A Narrative (Gioventù)(.txt / .zip)

ebook testo L'ultimo dei Mohicani  James Fenimore Cooper (aka alias Jane Morgan) | The Pathfinder (La guida) | The Prairie (La prateria) | The Pioneers (I pionieri) | Autobiography of a Pocket-Handkerchief | Jack Tier; or, The Florida Reef | The Deerslayer (L'uccisore dei cervi) | The Lake Gun | Tales for Fifteen, or, Imagination and Heart | The Monikins | New York | Oak Openings | The Last of the Mohicans (.txt / .zip) | The Last of the Mohicans (L'ultimo dei Mohicani [Moicani]) (.html)

testi in in lingua inglese scarica gratuitamente  William Cowper | The Task, and Other Poems (.txt / .zip)

scarica libri gratis letteratura americana  Stephen Crane | The Red Badge of Courage An Episode of the American Civil War (Il segno rosso del coraggio) | Maggie, A Girl of the Streets (Maggie, una ragazza di strada) | Active Service | The Little Regiment, and Other Episodes of the American Civil War | Men, Women, and Boats | The Red Badge of Courage | The Red Badge of Courage (Boss Transcription) (.txt / .zip)

e-book di Aleister Crowley  Aleister Crowley | The Book of Lies (Il libro delle bugie) | Magick in Theory and Practice (Magick nella teoria e nella pratica) (.html)

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